What are the most known photography events in Germany?

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Germany is a country heavily into photography, using it to make history and changing the narratives around the world. It’s not however out of place to come together and organize events that would see all the stakeholders in the sector come together to meet, greet, exchange ideas and chart the way forward holistically about the industry. This comes in form of conference, shows, exhibitions, workshop, seminar and the rest.

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1) Berlin’s Photo Exhibition

This is an annual event that has been holding since the year, 2008. This year, the exhibition is taking place in Berlin and aimed at all photo and video enthusiasts, from ambitious amateurs to professional photographers, from techies to creative image designers. Also, for the latest products and trends of camera, video and studio technology, a wide range of workshops, live photoshoots and lectures all included in the agenda of the exhibition. Interesting, over 50 photo industry brands will be represented at the fair. Additionally, well-known manufacturers and lots of accessory companies will be part of the exhibition.

2) WunderWelten Fotomesse, Friedrichshafen

This photo and travel fair is an annual event and the 2021 edition will have 50 exhibitors who will be available at Lake Constance, the venue which is about 1500 square meters in space. Participants will have the unique opportunity to get to know and try out the novelties from the world of photography. In addition, 3 times a day there will be interesting presentations on experiences and products on the exhibition stage. The exhibition is free. The fair offers participating photographers the opportunity to maintain a direct exchange with other photographers as well as the speakers of the workshops and seminars.

Date, time and venue:

The WunderWelten Fotomesse will take place on 3 days from Friday, 5th November to Sunday, 7th November 2021 in the city of Friedrichshafen.

3) Vision Stuttgart

The Vision is the world’s leading trade fair for image processing, which takes place every two years in Stuttgart. It is the meeting point of the image processing industry and therefore the most important marketing tool to introduce the latest innovations and developments in the field of industrial image processing, from image processing systems throughout their components to industry-related services to visitors from all over the world. Due to these facts, the Vision offers a product and service spectrum that is unique in the world: from the sensor to the processor, from cables to camera, from software to lighting.

Full image processing systems and application-specific solutions for the different industries complement the exhibition offer. A highlight of the Vision is the forum Industrial Vision Days. This technology forum is considered the largest and elaborately occupied lecture forum with panel discussions on the topic of image processing worldwide. Industry insiders from industrial companies, institutes and other research organizations present the latest findings and developments of the industry and set trends for the future.