Washburn D10s Review

I am a lead guitarist and have been playing guitar for the last 7 years. Today, I own 5 different guitars and Washburn D10S was my second guitar in my climb up to high end acoustic guitars and later on to the electric segment. I own a Black colored D10S (model number: D10S B).

I graduated to a Washburn D10S from my first non branded guitar (which had an awful sound). So this was kind of heaven for me at that time. I particularly loved its thin neck that made fret board movement feel like a breeze. My left hand skills suddenly received a boost and I still because of the thin neck and I still remember my happiness on this new found fret board flexibility. This guitar has an amazingly thin neck (I guess the thinnest neck for any acoustic guitar) and that makes its easier for beginners to hone their left hand skills.

The guitar came with amazing strings. The top and the middle range of the guitar was a remarkable improvement upon my previous guitar. My playing skill couldn’t have changed overnight but the sound quality did. This guitar has an awesome, warm and smooth tone something that impresses me even after several years of playing. I later read somewhere that this is because of the Schaller tuning system used in the Washburn D10s.

I vividly remember my guitar teacher asking me to handle my D10S with care as it was a hard top guitar which supposedly needs more protection and care as compared to the cheaper laminated top guitars. However after the first few days of care, I don’t remember ever having put this guitar back into the gig bag after playing. But this guitar has survived all my vagaries for the last 6 years and it still plays well (except for some minor scratches).The D10S came with a limited lifetime warranty but I never had to use it.

Now for the negative things – The Washburn D10s is my most often played guitar and I would have never ever have thought of this had I not bought more high priced guitars later on in my life. I don’t like the looks of the guitar. For me the body of the guitar seems to be out of proportion as compared to its fret board. But it’s quite another thing that I was a die hard fan of the same looks earlier:)

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