Vivid Spectrums of Color Radiate from Chris Wood’s Intricate Installations of Dichroic Glass


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June 10, 2022

Grace Ebert

Commission for Clé de Peau Beauté

“Light,” says Chris Wooden, “is the purest form of radiance.” The Cambridgeshire-based artist is recognized for her stunning installations created of dichroic glass—this clear product makes a shifting spectrum of shade based on the viewpoint—that emit phenomenal prisms illuminated. Often arranged on a panel or wall, the will work evoke organic styles, like helices, murmurations, and in the circumstance of Wood’s most latest piece, the spiral of a nautilus shell.

A commission from the magnificence model Clé de Peau Beauté in celebration of its 40th anniversary, this new rainbow-like set up revolves all-around that milestone. “There are 40 spirals, each individual with 40 dichroic features to them. Embedded within each and every spiral is the amount 40, published in binary code. The dichroic pieces will project 40 millimeters from the floor of the artwork. The outermost circle measures 1,600 millimeters in diameter—the square root of which is 40,” Wooden (previously) suggests.

This exceptionally intricate structure also references the earth, moon, and sunlight through the 3 additional distinguished rings and expands on the intrinsic connection in between the mathematical and natural. She describes:

I see this artwork as an interpretation of how radiance, a great deal like suggestions and discoveries, commence from one central position and extend outwards… The whole structure is crafted all over Fibonacci’s golden ratio, which we see in purely natural kinds from flowers to animal pattern. I was in the beginning inspired by the nautilus shell. It is a excellent representation of Fibonacci’s spiral. The type of the shell is structured to deliver energy and safety, and the shell itself is iridescent. We come across in this a illustration of how radiance can be embodied within us, as projected to those around us.

Wooden currently has a couple smaller sized pieces offered in her shop, and you can investigate an archive of her is effective on her web-site and Instagram.


Depth of fee for Clé de Peau Beauté

Detail of commission for Clé de Peau Beauté


Depth of fee for Clé de Peau Beauté

“Murmuration” (2019)

Element of “Murmuration” (2019)



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