Urban Photography: The Most Important Things You Need to Know About This Concept


Although the two concepts share similarities, urban photography is not the same as street photography. Both are different in what they include. While the former captures everything about the built-up, urban life, the latter is mostly about people. In urban photography, every image is included and nearly everything with urban intricacy is captured.

However, the most important thing you need to know about this concept is not what is included and whatnot. It is way broader than that. If you are just starting urban photography, you want to be familiar with the city spaces, colors, subjects, tones, and other elements that make for great urban photography.

Checking through uk.collected.reviews, here are five details we put together to keep you on track.


Believed to be the most important aspect of urban life, color is fundamental for urban photography. What is urban life if not colors? The spotted surfaces, the white paints, the gray sky, the black hands and blue seas — we all see and feel in colors. Color has moods and you must be able to see into them with your camera. Pay attention to the variety of colors, look at the light, and capture the expressions with breathtaking shots.


Apart from colors, movement is also another important one. Urban life is dominated by people and busyness. Everything and everyone moves. No one stays still. Capturing these moments of movement is a luxury. Most times, the products are blurry. But with a good camera that you can get from photography stores in the uk, no movement will have to escape the grasp of your lens.


While some spaces are empty, others are solid. Solid spaces, however small, punctuate urbanity. Being familiar with the right spaces makes for thrilling urban photography. You should know when the buildings fill the gaps. You should be well acquainted with the framing, positioning, and foreground. If you look close enough, you’ll find that everything blends to give you a breathtaking urban experience.


Like spaces, there are shapes. The right shape, line, and light establish the right form for your photos. Thus resulting in in-depth representation and other details that bring the photo close to an unreal reality. This ensures you are not just taking photos, but feeling what you want others to feel. The first instinct of great photography is how it appears to you, how you first feel it.


Is it possible to mention urban photography without people? The people are often the stories, the content, the art, and vice-versa. Urban photography makes you fall in love with people so you can tell a story about what life means to every one of them, capture and still reality. According to Andy Warhol, “the best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even when the people in it do.”

The Bottom-line

If you plan to venture into urban photography, these are the 5 things you need. Photography as art requires you to be versatile with details. Urban photography is not different. But with it, you have to pay more attention to certain details than you would do in general photography.