UGears Steampunk Clock: a Toy for Children and Adults

UGears Steampunk Clock: a Toy for Children and Adults

Social media, movies, and even books can tire at some moment. Time wasted on such activities can be spent on different entertaining things. What about beguiling with wooden UGears mechanical models? We promise it will be very interesting and extraordinary. These 3D puzzles for adults have various difficulty levels and assembly time from 20 minutes to 16 hours. Ideas of mechanisms assembled without nail or glue, such as steampunk clock or hurdy-gurdy, impress. A simple or complex model –it would be unforgettable anyway! Let’s review an assortment of proposed kits.

UGears Steampunk Clock: a Toy for Children and Adults
Steampunk Clock

The Range of UGears 3D Puzzles for Adults

The producer offers 6 collections of 3d wooden model kits and mechanisms:

  • Mechanical vehicles (cars, trams, vessels, bike, and so on)
  • Mechanical town (archballista-tower, carousel, etc.)
  • Coloring models (simple kits for children)
  • U-fidget tribiks (small and easy-to-assemble puzzles on various themes)
  • Devices for tabletop games (cardholder, dice keeper, and others)
  • STEM lab (pendulum, differential, and so on)
  • Unranked models (safe, hoarse mechanoid, treasure box, etc.)

You can try to assemble all puzzles from one series or buy models from different – it all depends on your preferences. 

Buy UGears Wooden Model Kits from Official Representative

The conception of an interesting mechanical puzzles and the first model was created by a Ukraine-based company in 2015. In the same year, these modular moving toys were presented in the USA, and they immediately gained popularity. Since that time, a lot of people try to fraud lovers of wooden puzzles. To avoid frustration and receive the original kit, you should buy UGears model in the USA only from the official representative. Original producer proposes a 1-year warranty, free shipping for online-purchased kits, free part replacement, 30-day return guarantee policy, gift wrapping, and customer care services as well as natural top-quality materials and unique design of wooden models. 

Buy your first UGears kit and fall in love with wooden 3D puzzles!