These are the Most Important Decorative Errors You Do

Before we start decorating a house, we have many ideas in mind and we think it’s easy and it will become fantastic! But when the time of research and markets comes, the big question marks and the division of what’s best suited, what’s right and wrong is going on. So let’s see which the most common mistakes that we make are and how to avoid them.


As you buy your furniture, think about the total size of the rooms and how the furniture you buy will match. Pay attention to the basic furniture for your living room and emphasize its size. The rest of the furniture should be complementary. For example, the coffee table should be slightly smaller than the sofa but not too much.An easy way to figure out the right dimension of the coffee table is: At most of the times, it reaches where the sofa arm starts, and at least the middle of the two end positions of the sofa.

If there are armchairs and are away, then a small table needs to be stitched. Remember that in the living room it is good to have the furniture close to each other to facilitate people’s communication and to make the space more focused. The ideal distance between the sofa and the coffee table is 40 cm

If you there is enough space, do not stick the couch on the wall.  Dare to loosen the sofa from the wall, create a path or just put a small table between the sofa and the wall. You can place photos and one or two lamps. So, you will lighten the spot locally and you will have a place to leave your items.

If your space is small, choose furniture with thin feet to create a gap between them and the floor. In this way the space seems less small.

Avoid placing the same chair on the table as you can in the head of your dining room. Choose an armchair, or other chair design different from all the others.

Be creative

If you make a decoration without risking, the result will be safe, but at the same time boring. Give your own characteristic touch, avoiding going with the flow.

Anyway mix ‘n’ match is fashion

Put an object you love and means something to you, even if it does not match with the rest of the set. A linear lamp, an armchair, a mirror or the grandmother’s dining room table combined with modern items.

Do not keep things you do not want because a loved one donated it to you. Change them directly or donate them to someone they will like. The house should thank you for every detail.

Do not hurry to finish the decoration, because you will not be able to create something special. Start with the basic furniture and slowly continue the decoration. While going for a trip you can find a nice table, or a beautiful jar. This is an object with memories that gives its own character to space.

Dedicate a wall or a corner with photos of your life and travels. So the house is right through you!


We usually enter in a space and there is a basic light source, the light of the roof or even more lights, all around the area. The ceiling light extinguishes all the shadows in the room and does not emphasize the corners and colors you want to show off. It is ideal only if you want to see clearly and with the same intensity everywhere.

Select local lighting: Desktop, floor lamps with dimmers, and place them close to the furniture you use, such as the sofa or armchair, so you can read or eat.

Avoid over-heated lighting because it tresses the eyes and does not show the colors of the room. Choose warm-cold lighting.