The Internet: A Modern Romance Tool

Love has been defined in a hundred ways, but romantic love is simply considered as the highest experience of love. With the internet strongly involved in today’s journey of finding romantic love via dating apps and social media, locating true love might be a difficult task.

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For over a year now, I have found myself interviewing hundreds of individuals from every corner of the world; asking them questions about internet dating and the effect on their love lives. I also went through research on internet dating books and further read reviews from online dating websites, to be able to see the effect the internet has made on our love lives.

Funny to tell, but the results of these little surveys of mine were quite convincing and made me realize that while the internet contributes to relationship-building, it also has a standing defect on other aspects of our lives as humans. In general, we can all attest to the fact that the internet is of more positive importance than negative, but they are also negative ones.

Single folks in the past had limited options meeting potential dates, which includes colleagues, close relatives, and one or two friends close enough to be trusted. Nowadays, an individual can multiply his/her dating options simultaneously through dating platforms without much cost. I feel people explore these options the more because you can be paired with meeting someone with similar interests or the exact persona you have always wanted.

The bad side of such unlimited access to meeting your “soul mate” is the misconception that if you do not find your Mr. or Mrs. Right with your desired qualities, they might be taken by someone else. This makes internet dating users expect highly of the paired individual during first dates and end up judging errors in their actions before getting to know them better. While back in the days, a person is “good enough” was more than enough reason to go out on a few dates and settle down with them.

The internet has also had other seeming benefits gone wrong in recent times. For example, while it is common for people to join internet dating sites insecure about how gorgeous they look or stuck with the fear of making the first move. The technological features of dating websites now allow them to run a quick trial mode before exploring other real applicants.

Yet this method has not completely been effective, especially since you can’t get a complete overview of a person’s character through texting and sometimes voice and video calls. I strongly doubt that there is one online dating platform that functions as the human brain in terms of screening a list of individual characters and picking the right on. In other words, meeting in person is still a vital piece of the puzzle.

The internet has been a great tool for meeting new folks lately, even if it is for the sole purpose of friendship. However, you can only maximize this gift by going the extra mile to meet these folks in person. Spending ample time on conversations that might not yield  to a close relationship is a total waste.