The Ideal Ways to Edit Your Gaming Videos 

In the past couple of years, the gaming industry has grown massively. The global gaming community is rising daily and shows no sign of stopping. And most of this is a result of people being exposed to gaming videos worldwide. 

What Are Gaming Videos?

Binge-watching and streaming shows have become a cultural phenomenon, and watching them has become a norm for the gaming community. People worldwide stream themselves playing popular video games while others watch, making the gaming industry reach a new level of entertainment. 

So, whether you are streaming live or even editing videos in your room, being able to create or steam gaming videos can become a lucrative career for many. All you need to do is know how to edit your gaming videos, as written below, and you are good to go!

Making Sure the Game Runs Flawlessly 

Before recording, you must ensure that your game runs smoothly – no lags, glitches, or delays. You should want nothing less than flawless because a game that does not perform well will take viewers out of the moment. 

Trimming Videos 

Editing and trimming can make it difficult for your content to become a part of the process. Similar to making a movie, recording leaves you with a lot of footage. No one likes it when something continuously drags on. Trim down your videos, focusing only on highlighting exciting features so that you can engage the audience more effectively. 

Effects and Transitions 

With video editing, you always have room to be creative, and transitions are an excellent way to go about it. Many software offers a wide range of transitions and effects that you can use to bring a unique style to your video.

Adjusting the Colours 

Editing your video also allows you to go back and check if the coloring needs to be adjusted. Remember that making even the most minor changes to your videos can make all the difference in how your viewers perceive your overall vibe and aesthetic. 

There is still a lot more you can learn regarding video editing. Naturally, the best way to learn is to approach professionals in the field and see how they edit videos like a pro. In this case, consider reaching out to Michael Lovan – a highly acclaimed American filmmaker, screenwriter, director, producer, and actor, who you might know for his debut feature film Murder Bury Win. 

After getting a Masters’s in Theatre from the University of California, Lovan co-directed the documentary “Japan in a Day” in 2012 and co-wrote and starred in the 2014 romantic comedy “A Reunion.” 

Moreover, Lovan has also worked on many videos for gaming communities and even served as an Art Director for many music videos – a few examples include “Lampshades on Fire” and “The Ground Walks With Time in a Box.” 

Murder Bury Win, featured in the Austin Film Festival competition in 2020, has been widely recognized. He has won several awards over the years, such as Best Feature Film at Phoenix FearCon, Best Comedy at Another Hole in the Head, Best Feature at Seattle Film Summit, and Best Feature at the Independent Horror Movie Awards.

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