The Best Guide in 2018 for NHL Tickets Cheap

For anyone who loves the game of hockey, there is nothing like being there in person. From the players whizzing by at 30 mph, to the sound of a puck ricocheting off the goal post, to the thunderous sounds of the crowd as the goal horn ignites the building, there’s nothing else like it. Being one of the most popular professional sports in America, buying hockey tickets can cost as much as a down payment on a new vehicle. Below is a guide with five legitimate ways to find cheap NHL tickets.

1. Plan a Road Trip Within Your Budget

There are a lot of NHL fans that love to go to other areas and watch their team wipe-down an opponent on their own ice. You can fly, or you can drive to your destination with a pack of loyal friends, but to save money you need to know a few things. Flying is obviously more expensive than driving, so if you want to save some money, then drive. Rent an RV and pack the whole crew in with no hotel required once you get there. Finally, the three most expensive NHL teams to see are NY Rangers, Toronto Maple Leafs, and the Chicago Blackhawks. The cheapest three are the Columbus Blue Jackets, Florida Panthers, and the Carolina Hurricanes.

2. Know Your Opponent’s Value

Home teams will always have a good turnout; however, depending on who the visiting team is, it can either drive the prices for tickets way down or it can skyrocket. The three visiting teams that drive the price up is the NY Rangers, Pittsburgh Penguins, and the Chicago Blackhawks. The three visiting teams that provide the lowest priced NHL tickets are the Calgary Flames, Florida Panthers, and the Arizona Coyotes.

3. Buy NHL Tickets A Few Days Before the Game

This might sound hard to believe as most people tend to buy them in advance, which is a great idea if you want to secure your seats. If you want to save some money, wait until the week of the game because prices will drop as seats need to be filled. Average NHL fans have saved about 35 percent with buying them a few days ahead rather than months prior.

4. Save Big-Time on Weeknights

If waking up with only a few hours of sleep and going to work the next day is not a problem for you, then going on a weeknight will save you some cash. Tuesday and Thursday will offer the best value as Mondays are slightly higher. Wednesday nights are a little pricier with NBCSN hosting Rivalry Night and schedules are usually limited. Weekends are the most expensive time to buy tickets and Sunday Night tops the scales as the most expensive night to see a game.

5. Buy Your Tickets at the Start of the Season

This is important, especially if your team looks like they might make the playoffs. Games with playoff intentions towards the end of the regular season will drive ticket sales through the roof. Buy your regular season tickets ahead of time and lock your seats down at regular price.

The Worst and Best Option for Cheap Tickets

The worst thing you could ever do is buy your tickets from a scalper standing outside the arena. Sometimes this does work in a dire situation; however, many of the tickets are not real. By the time you get turned around from discovering this, and go to find the guy? He’s long gone, working another gate. The best thing you can do for NHL tickets that are the cheapest anywhere on this planet, is to click this link.