The Beautiful Art of Simplicity

“Woman Ready for the Moon to Rise” by Uemura Shoen. Silk painting. 86 cm extensive x 73 cm substantial.

Set in a rectangular format a single female leans towards a wood rail. Her chin rests on her clasped fingers as she gazes out into a void. Her head is set a bit over the centreline and somewhat to the ideal of the centre. The wood rail runs askew to the picture plane from still left to proper through the width of the image and presents the effect of continuing outside the picture body still left and ideal. The house she gazes into is empty of any facts. She is a young lady with just about white skin. Her jet black hair is exact and neat. Her hair is pinned into shape and preset with what appears to be like bamboo hairpins and a hair comb with some color decoration. She wears a diaphanous blue garment about a crimson and white checked Kimono?. On the decreased section, she has a mild blue garment with paler blue/white leaf and swirl layouts with a linear gold design and style in the vicinity of the edge.

The flat black hair is skilfully softened wherever hair meets the flat white of porcelain skin. There is a contrast of the flat black hair with the mild wooden hair components that sets up a dynamic that gently agitates with the flat black. The black contrasting with white and the black versus the lighter hair pieces attracts the eye right to the peaceful, thoughtful encounter and then the eye descends to the expanse of blue and the white motive on her back and then down once again to the lighter blue where by the eye picks up the lighter wooden colour in the vicinity of the trim of the reduce garment and selecting up little sections of the wood rail developing a second dynamic to give a visual link to the best of the head and back again again, the eye flicks among the two. The growing wood rail cuts across still left and suitable strongly suggesting the continuation of space over and above the picture body growing the void effectively beyond the edge of the portray. The slight diagonal rail goes against the diagonal of the determine that descends to the reduced corner environment up however another dynamic. A more dynamic is set up with the use of nominal but sturdy details of pink colour from the edge of the undergarment in the vicinity of her wrist, her purple lips, some pink in the hair decoration, a thin slip of purple at the back of the neck and even picks up on the artist pink stamp mark on the considerably appropriate. Inside the head and entire body, there are extra dynamics of a move and rhythm of curves of the garments and hair. Compositionally a large amount is likely on for these an evident uncomplicated image. The impression is static, serene and tranquil but with plenty of passive dynamics to retain the image sensation alive. A dynamic is two or extra similar details or passages of portray that are visually strong or daring and get the focus going the eye all over the portray with deliberate intention. A passive dynamic is a visual dynamic which is delicate, a variety of gentle agitation on the eye, a murmuring instead than a bold, remarkable visible moment or daring assertion.

Much of the portray is devoid of details or details resulting in a concentration on the single lone determine. It has a attractive simplicity which evokes a experience of a Zen-like meditation. With elbows on the wooden rail and her chin resting on the fragile clasped arms and fingers, this gorgeous youthful woman peers into the distant void in which we can envision the air full of thoughts, and a myriad of unspoken musings, discussions, desires, remembrances and perhaps regrets as she calmly and patiently waits for the moon to expose alone. Most likely she thinks of the long term and the past. Potentially the moon is a loving link among an absent and distant lover simultaneously gazing on the similar moon and participating in silent murmurings of really like between the loving couple. The painting does not show or indicate this so it is pure speculation and purely particular responses evoked from the identified and prompt features of the portray which provides the portray alive for the viewer in a significant way.

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