Taking away Your Stretched Portray From Gator Board

Taking away Your Stretched Portray From Gator Board

These uncomplicated recommendations will let you to eliminate your stretched portray from Gator Board and go away your board with out any injury:

Ensure your portray is bone dry very first.

Just take a glimpse about your tape to see if you can obtain an spot exactly where there may be a slight raise/air space in the spot where by the tape meets the watercolor paper? I use a kitchen knife that has a strong but thin blade. Keeping a knife at an angle to make sure you you should not pierce the board as well – just pierce a smaller gap so you can gently slide the knife underneath the watercolor paper. Ensure your knife is held as flat to the board as doable so you don’t disturb the area of the board – of program.

When you have the place of the knife beneath the w/c paper – you only slide the knife around the edges of the watercolor paper (I like to maintain the knife moderately reduced and flat to the board. It is just like opening an envelope with an envelope knife.

Voila! Now your painting is individual from the board!

Do I get rid of the tape on the edge of the painting?

You have some decisions:

You have taken your painting from your board and this will go away section of the stretching tape even now adhered to the white margin of your portray. (I generally assure I have an inch or far more white margin around my painting).

You can slice the tape off if you never like it. Or go away it on the edge of your portray for stability. The conclusion regardless of whether to depart your tape on your paper is a choice for you.

A single thing to consider

Is the tape you use archival? This will influence your selection.

If you use Lukas Wet Adhesive Tape

The Lukas tape I use is archival so it must not be a difficulty to leave it on the edge of the portray.

If you use Brown Gummed Tape

I know the brown gummed tape I applied to use is also archival. (But however the tape does not have a manufacturer identify or identifiable markings so I am not ready to recommend a brown gummed tape).

Since I cannot converse for the a lot of brown gummed tapes available – I would suggest you reduce the tape off the edge of your white margin around your painting.

How to take away the tape from your Gator Board

The remainder tape is of study course even now on your Gator Board. I toss my Gator Board in the bath with the taped facet of the board facing downward. I depart it 10 minutes or so and then just pull the last of the tape off. At times I might need to use a blunt knife to get the stubborn parts off – but generally it will come off with no considerably exertion at all.

Recall to wipe close to the place where by the tape had been to be certain you have wiped off any remaining gum. We never want your subsequent painting to adhere to the board.

This seems associated but in reality it is quite straight ahead and effortless to do. I have defined it in good depth to enable you comprehend each state of affairs. The moment you have tried using these suggestions you will locate it all quite reasonable and effortless to do.

Now your board is clean and clean and ready for your following painting. If you seem right after your Gator Board it will give you decades of service. It is a fantastic product or service.

Happy portray!


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