Socorro youth to star in The Emperor’s New Clothes

Join the Emperor, his good friends and topics, and the active Silkworms this Saturday, June 11 when the Missoula Children’s Theatre and a lot more than 30 local college students current an original musical adaptation of the Hans Christian Andersen vintage, “The Emperor’s New Apparel.”

Taking part in the title character of the Emperor is area university student Liam Demorest. Other featured performers include Keller Ford as ManyPenny, Johanne Hansen as Royal Scholar Roxy and Abby Watkins as Royal Scholar Pink. The Kings will be Chase Chavez and Kurt Kimble, and the Queens will be Rem Jaquez and Belen Padilla. The Funds Council will be Owen County, Adam Cunningham, Zayn Hoke, Kara Kimble, Remington Ortiz, Jaxon O’Toole and Samantha Quezada. Gem, the Royal Jeweler, is Freya Hansen. Boots, the Royal Cobbler, is Jada Reid. The Royal Hatter, Lid, will be performed by Sharidyn Cosentino. The Royal Tailor, Stitch, will be performed by Lavelle Jacobs. The Royal Artisans are Kellen Demorest, Aria Jacobs, Afdab Noorstan, and Laila Noorstani. Finally, the Royal Silkworms will be performed by Lydia Bowles, Nevaeh Chavez, Hannah Cosentino, Quinn County, Jesse Cunningham, Alejandra Esquivel, Madeline Jacobs, Ava Ortiz, Vedy Patidar and Laylah Rice. Gabriel Hiriart has served as assistant director during the week.

The Emperor’s New Clothing will be presented at 1 and 3 p.m. at the Macey Center. Tickets, which are $5 for older people and free of charge for youth, will be readily available at the doorway.

The Missoula Children’s Theatre residency in Socorro, N.M., is supported by City of Socorro, Socorro Consolidated Faculties, NMT Accomplishing Arts Collection, and the Betty Clark Memorial. For more facts, connect with or email Dana Chavez at 575-835-5688, [email protected]