Smooth and Clean Sewers, Free Your Family from Disease

As drainage water, sewer hygiene needs to be considered so as not to cause flooding. Even worse, clogged sewers can also cause unpleasant odors and even become a den of mosquitoes as a source of disease.

Before the rainy season comes, it’s time for you and your family to clean the gutters in the home environment so that the residential area remains healthy and does not become a source of disease. You can also call and hire the Drain Cleaning St Louis to clean the drain and sewer at your home area with the best result.

The five ways below you can take care of gutters to function optimally to channel sewage.

1. Free the gutters from the trash

As a drainage system, gutters must be free of garbage. For that, it’s time you get rid of all kinds of forms of garbage in the gutter so that the channel is not blocked. Provide a trash can so that all people who pass through the sewer area do not litter.

2. Complete the gutter with bars

Even though you have provided a trash can in the gutter area, there are still many people who are accustomed to littering. What’s more, you can’t monitor the gutter continuously. It’s a good idea to install a small perforated grate at the top of the gutter so you can easily clean up your trash.

3. Separate chemical waste disposal channels

Sewers generated from the sink often produce chemical waste, such as soap, detergent or dishwashing liquid. Therefore, neutralize wastewater generated from other household appliances such as washbasins or washing machines so that it does not affect the environmental ecosystem, especially if the drain in your dwelling flows directly to the river.

4. Avoid the flow of rainwater into the gutter

When making a gutter, you should not direct it directly to the gutter because it can pose a risk of flooding. Stream rainwater to infiltration areas such as paving blocks so that there is no excessive inundation and optimize groundwater quality that you will later use at home.

5. Clean the gutter regularly

Even though you have prevented the trash from getting into the gutter, the cleaning process must still be done routinely to get rid of silt that can cause odors and make the gutter become shallow. So, do cleaning the gutter at least once every three months to ensure the drains can work optimally.

The five ways above you can do to take care of the gutter so that the water runs smoothly and makes your family avoid various diseases. In addition to cleaning the area outside the residence, it could not hurt to help maintain the cleanliness in the house such as cleaning the mattress and get rid of dust that is scattered so that your residence is healthy and comfortable to live in.