Samsung Galaxy Tab S8: 10 tips to make the most of your new tablet

Big and bold, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 family of devices seek to redefine what a tablet is and can do. In addition to their gorgeous 11-, 12.4- and 14.6-inch screens, the Tab S8, the Tab S8+ and the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra combine a blazing-fast Snapdragon processor with an improved S-Pen stylus, giving you a device well-suited to anything from binging the last episodes of “The Expanse” to shooting and sharing 4K videos, and even jotting down notes without pen or paper. 

In other words, the Tab S8 family offers something for everyone, and like Goldilocks, one of the three tablets should be just right for whatever you want to do. Whether it’s writing a to-do list with the S-Pen, shutting out background traffic noise on a video call or making the tablet just a little more private, Samsung’s Tab S8 tablets offer a slew of useful features.