Russian TV App for Samsung Smart TV


Do you own a Samsung Smart TV? It means that many options are available when it comes to connecting to TV services. All you need to do is to download the correct app and to buy a subscription.


The Best Free Russian TV Apps for Android


Now, it is not complicated to get a Russian Smart TV app. There are plenty of them. However, when we started checking, most of them lacked some features, support, etc. In other words, selecting the best Russian TV app appeared to be a complicated task. 


We can distinguish just a couple of apps that have received top reviews from the customers:

  • Russian Live TV – it seems to be quite a decent app, especially if you have just installed it. However, users complain that it lacks support and with time, it starts crashing until it finally stops functioning.


  • Russian TV Android App – this is one more app on which you can rely. This app allows watching plenty of Russian channels on your smart Samsung TV.

Thus, if you are looking for a Russian TV app for Samsung Smart TV, choose carefully. On it, the quality of the translation will depend.


What Android Box to Watch Russian Live TV


Along with the best Russian TV app for Android, you might need to get an Android box. While some users might confuse it with a Russian TV Android app, this is not the case. A TV box, in this case, an Android TV box, is a device that turns your TV into a smart device that can streamline videos. 


How to Get Russian TV on Android Box


It is not enough just to get a TV box. Alone, it doesn`t give you much. If you want to watch Russian channels, you need to download and install an Android Russian TV app. Don`t forget about a subscription plan, it shall be purchased, too.


Let us explain it all on an example: an Android TV box, even the best one, is a device, and a Russian TV iPhone app or an app for Android makes this device function. 


How to Watch Russian TV on Android


Now, let us have a look at how to set up your TV box and start watching Russian channels. 


After getting a TV box, buy a subscription package. Further, download and set up your Russian TV app for Samsung TV. After that, perform the steps:

  • Open the menu of your Smart TV


  • There, click on Smart Hub


  • Further, move to Categories – Video, and click on the link to get the Russian TV app Samsung.

Do you want to start watching your favorite channels right away? Click on the app, enter your login data, and enjoy!