Retrieve Photos Nikon D60 With Photo Recovery Software for PC or Mac

The Nikon D60 is a great Nikon camera to own, when you are want to take great pictures. It is very similar to the D40x, with additional features. It is a great camera to own for its excellent specs, such as the 10 MP feature and yet, the price is not hefty for what you can get from it. The main problem with this camera is that it has a slower shutter speed with flash. This can pose as a problem when you take photos. They sometimes do not appear on the SD card, to which the photos are supposed to be saved on to.

If you are noticing that photos are not showing on the camera after you have taken a photo, you can find out how to be able to retrieve these photos and will help you recover the lost photos.

What you should do immediately when you notice that the camera is missing photos, when you are taking pictures, is to immediately stop using the camera. If you want to keep taking photos, change the SD card. Your camera saves the photos that you take into card, and you will be able to retrieve the photos if you just follow these photo recovery steps.

Make sure that you have put the SD card safely away before you get back to your computer. Bring out the SD card and connect it via an card reader. Check the contents of the SD card with your computer. You may be able to view the photos with the card reader. But, this does not always happen. If you still think that there are some photos that are missing, you want to get a photo recovery software to help you recover photos.

You can easily find a photo recovery program that you can download from the internet. I prefer to use the Photo Retrieval 1.70 for Mac and PC, which you can get to download for free. You can also use Disk Doctors Photograph Recovery. Install the program in your computer.

Connect the SD card from the Nikon D60 to your computer, and let the photo recovery program scan the card. You will be able to see the photos that are in the card, including photos that you could not see earlier. You can select the photos that you want to keep, and make sure that you save it in a safe folder in your computer.

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