Photography: Convenient Photo-editing Apps for Students

19 Best Online Photo Editors You Can Use for Free

Students are open to learning. They are drawn to colours, light, and a mind that wonders how things came to be and how things can be. There’s a creative aura around them that makes them seek out activities that encompass both learning and fun all in one place. On UK web stores, students can be found searching for stuff they like and giving out information to their peers.

Hence, peer review is one good way to spread what is cool or not among students like them. One area where kids display their powerful creative potential is taking and editing pictures on their mobile phones. However, phones can still be gaming devices to kill boredom or sharpen their cognitive skills. Their phones have become equally powerful as their minds. With photo apps flooding app stores, we get to see some improved and extraordinary editing skills from the youth. 

Convenient Photo-editing Apps For Students.

1. Snapseed

Works perfectly on Android, iPhone, and iPad. Kids will enjoy making cool photos and videos with this app. This app has an array of incredible features that they can play around with to achieve the look and feel of the pictures they take. It’s free on the app store.

2. Chatter Pix Kids

This free app can be easily navigated. You can take a picture or choose one from your phone library; they voice the picture to create a talking avatar. It works fine on Android, iPhone, and Ipad devices.

3. PicMonkey: 

A good app for teaching students about design and Photo-editing. Teachers in class can use it to give the students hands-on training. Through guidance on applying the features on the app, each student can come up with a portfolio of artworks. It has a free version and a paid one which offers more features.

4. Gimp

This app helps students create works of art that look professional. They can use it to customize pictures as well as editing. It’s one of the best apps for photo creation and editing. It makes them look almost like a professional photographer.

5. Adobe Photoshop Express: 

Another extremely powerful photo editing app for the Adobe stable. Students can use this app to easily modify photos with swipes here and there on their phones to create the perfect photo. Using the app on their phones gives them an experience much like the person using it on a laptop. It offers them a warehouse of features they can experiment with.

6. Photo Director

Another great app among the best for photo editing. Students can use the array of features, effects, and photo styles to create colourful and breathtaking photos. It works well on Android, iPhone, and Ipad devices. 


Photo editing apps are improving. They keep coming up with upgrades that offer users more exciting features and make using them easier. The goal is to take pictures that the eye can appreciate. Students hoping to study photography can start practising with these apps to help build a foundation of some sort before applying to photography school. And students who are already there can join us in these same apps to improve on what they are taught.