Our Family Beach Maternity Shoot: What We Loved


A beach photoshoot is what makes me happy. It was so enjoyable, I decided to share some ideas for beach maternity photos with you. The beach is a favorite place for the girls. Why not capture as many pictures as possible where they feel the most happy? In my last pregnancy, I did a beach maternity photo shoot. My goal was for our joy to shine without being forced. I wanted the shoot to be a relaxed experience where the girls could be themselves and have a lot of fun. This was also my last pregnancy, so it was even more special. I have never loved a pregnancy as much as I did with my baby boy.

A Beach Maternity Shoot is the best time

Both a sunrise and sunset beach maternity photo are equally beautiful. Because it was more convenient for my family, I prefer a sunset beach shoot for maternity. Anthony works in the evening so it was easy for him to photograph. However, the sunset beach maternity is a beautiful time of day with the amazing pinks, blues, and yellows. Sunset maternity shoots are a great option if you have the chance. Can you tell I am biased? Sissy was actually a sunrise beach photographer for her first birthday. They were stunning and I would choose Sunset any day, simply because of the color of sunset.

Enjoy a special moment between you and your spouse

First, take pictures of your spouse alone when you are having a beach-maternity shoot. This is a special moment for you both. This moment will never be the same with your spouse or your baby. Anthony and I haven’t taken pictures together since becoming parents. You guys don’t know how much I miss it. Because it was a shared moment between us, these beach maternity shoot photos are even more meaningful to me.

These moments are what I remember most vividly when I look back at them. I can still hear him whispering to me, the joke he made to make my smile, and how I was grabbing his butt. A few months before this pregnancy, we had a miscarriage and were stunned that we could have it again. Because of the way the photos capture the joy, I want to relive that moment a million more times.

Beach Maternity Shoot Ideas

  1. Jog We often do this beach maternity photo pose. Jog casually, pretending it’s early in the morning, and that you have decided to take a job at the beach. Listen to the waves. As you jog, look at your spouse and ask them to look at you. Smile. Make a joke. Have fun.
  2. Slow Dance & Twirl. This was a project that Laura Palacios Photo, our Photographer, had us do once. It’s now one of my favorite things to do. It’s a great way to have fun and makes us smile every time. Anthony isn’t able to dance so he makes jokes out of every dance. Smile, crack a joke, and have fun with beach maternity photos.
  3. Pray. Although this pose is not for everyone, it is something we tried a few times. It is a peaceful way to thank the man above for all he has done. We thank him for the four-times life he helped us create, our three children on the other side of the earth, and the child he had with us (miscarriage), but he is beside us while they watch over us.
  4. Play. If you’re photographing with children, especially at a beach photoshoot for a maternity shoot, the best pose for a beach maternity shoot is to PLAY. Just stand and let the children do whatever they like. Your photographer can take recurring photos while they play. I promise, they’ll be the best phots you have ever seen.
  5. Go in the water. Do not be afraid to put your toes in the sand. It’s a beach, after all.
  6. Last beach maternity photoshoot tip: Grab your belly and smile. This pregnancy is only one time and you must enjoy it. Swim in the water. Move-in the sand. Seek the heavens. above. ENJOY your belly and live in the present.

I loved doing a beach maternity photo shoot. I did it twice during my pregnancy. Although I’m a Floridian, I don’t love the beach. However, I love a beach maternity session. It is hard to capture the joy and peace at the beach like it is. You can focus on whatever you want, and the ocean waves will take care of it. You might consider a beach maternity photo shoot. THIS IS YOUR SIGN.

Beach Maternity Shoot Outfit Ideas

A maternity shoot on the beach is great because it is neutral and can be done in any color. A long dress is my favorite, so I recommend it. One of my favorite looks is the look of the bottom of a beach dress. The pictures show us wearing neutral outfits. However, I am about to share a beach maternity shoot that we did with the same pregnancy and featuring Navy Blue outfits. The navy blue beach maternity look was taken in spring, so the sun was not as intense during the “sunset”. This was also different from the Fall sunset beach shoot that we did in more neutral outfits.

This post was written by a photographer at Christina Louise Photo. Christina is a Florida-based photographer capturing the intimate moments of maternity, motherhood, and childhood. As visual storytellers, we turn your most intimate moments into lasting memories. Click here to learn more about scheduling a photo shoot!