Metallic-Bodied Beings (2045 A.D.) ((Letter to a Dear Friend) (A Meteoric Phenomena))

“The year is 2045 A.D., and man has come to the point that he can, and does qualify as tenements of the new so called metallic-bodied beings, their brains incased in a spherical domicile; beings within shells, who now can live a thousand years, so they are told, but that of course is still theory, yet to be seen. Their eyes kaleidoscopically, are made up of some kind of: constantly color changing recherch√© adamantine material; when the eyes blink, they emit flashes of lightening, bright as the North Star. Their voices are clarion, and still maintain-for whatever reasons-human respiration, although it is an add-on, and not so perspicacious in cost. The globular heads are triangular, the metal beings have a sort of cupola back, and it is very hard for genuflections in the church I am told. The human beings that choose not to buy one of these lasting devises, calling them marionettes-freaks, with brains, are being considered prejudice, not sure if I can agree with that but who’s to say. They are not arabesque. Nor do they need to eat like humans, although they need sleep for the brain to function, and a flow of nutrients likewise. Most folks who have purchased one in their old age, have kept their old bodies in storage, as in an urn, some made them into statues of frozen ash. There is a negative to this I found out, they are subject to the ravages of some corroding acids, should someone take advantage and pour this acid on the metallic-bodied beings, in sleep, of which they only need four-hours per twenty-four. The amazing thing about this new form of being, he has super x-ray vision, diaphanous.

And people are complaining of this, especially in the bathrooms around the city here in St. Paul, Minnesota. The democrats find nothing abysmal about this, although the republicans do. There’s no need for gun control, bullets will not hurt these metallic bodied beings; so the issue of gun control is neither here nor there. Inside their torsos, or upper body parts, are frames of spiral rods and arabesque filaments, quintillions; a master Dom of science technology. Some folks who care to be different have even ordered the shells to incorporate a put-on and take-off proboscis, like a trunk for a nose; some have even ordered artificial wings to attach to the back of their metallic shells. I have ordered one myself, being at that age of enlightenment, to avoid the sepulchral, although I think I’ll save the body, I might as well as for memories of how it once was. There has been some dirty dealings with this as often people will take advantage of modern science and its gifts: those with a weird prerogative for the most part: one doctor, I can’t say his name for legal reasons (I’m afraid to be prosecuted, as everyone is today), has crafted one of these metallic bodied beings, and took it a step further, made him into an anthropomorphic, that being: half-canine and wholly diabolic, in that he now craves human flesh, a brain eater; I know you’ll ask, ‘how so… ‘ by implanting old genetic material from Neanderthal bones into his brain. I told my pupils at the university, where I teach, ‘Nothing is perfect,’ like our president has inferred, ‘and one has to expect some chaos, it’s common, especially during the adjustment period of new ideas, it’s a simple matter of new criterions; change is inevitable, change or drawn… that’s the name of the game’ implying I think, it’s even healthy: like Robert Frost inferred, so long ago: ‘I like a little corruption myself, if it’s amusing.’ Incidentally, with these new pewter-like bodies, for a premium you can get two sets of eyes, kind of comparable to a spare set of glasses; although I hear the second set is dull and lifeless.

On another note, I imagine it will be a weird ordeal, and the men whom I’ve talked to have felt as if they were being dissected. And I also heard: after the transfiguration, one’s voice and language tone are somewhat similar to: horn-like intonations for several months, a ‘recuperate period,’ so one has to expect that. My operation will be done in the diurnal period, nighttime is too spooky for me. I look forward to linguistic studying thereafter, when I can learn two or three languages at one time, evidently there is a magnetic force within the shell that helps the brain in multiform wonders such as linguistics, my wife keeps telling me as do her friends I should learn more and better Spanish, well here comes the chance. But the best asset yet is these metallic people, they’ve found-that is scientists found-were exempt from all the ordinary biological needs and desires. That is some form of pre-metallic stage I’ve got to see. When this process is complete I can devote wholly to reading and writing and research. Although my wife says, I have already done that for way too long, and the infinite grotesqueries which I’ve devised and created with them, are enough for anyone’s lifetime. Some of the side effects I understand can be: anti-social impulses and actions. As I stated before: nothing is perfect: ere a means of retardation as well. Heretofore, all the experimentalists have made that per near a doubtful reaction. The reason being, even if the body and brain are blasted into a million pieces, or fragments, they now have the knowledge to sew the brain back together-figuratively speaking-the body is useless anyhow. Yes indeed, they can reunite single atoms, electrons and protons, so why worry! All one has to worry about is the onslaughts of those brain eaters I talked about, and how many will end up being of that caliber? One out of a million. Well, dear friend, I got to go, see you in a year or so in my new body.” Sincerely, DLS


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