NY Times’ Climate Change: Magazine Sales Merchant Account

Have you read the ambitious and heavily-promoted issue entitled “Losing Earth” by the New York Times? What about you, as a magazine sales merchant? What are your thoughts? Do you need a magazine sales merchant account from a reliable provider? This article will help you with all this.

Climate Change History: What About a Magazine Sales Merchant Account?

A 66-page magazine has recently appeared with only a single article: it’s about climate change. This is a complicated story about the world havingmissed its window to address climate change.

Nathaniel Rich, the author, focuses on the markers, which have led us to today. The article attemptsto address climate change as a story of failure.According to many writers, he’s keeping fossil fuel companies and Republicans away from the responsibility.

30 years ago, James Hansen, NASA climate scientist, warned that the world had little time to address the consequences that uncontrolled greenhouse gas emissions would bring.

Al Gore, a former chair of an oversight science committee,believes that a common boogeyman today is the fossil-fuel industry. As he notes, it’s played the role of villain with comic-book bravado over the last decades.

Al Gore further notes that a wholeclimate literature subfieldhas chronicled the machinations of industry lobbyists, scientists’ corruption, as well as the propaganda campaigns that go on debasing the political debate.

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Other Views on the Topic of Climate Change

Climate scientists are also trying to provide a faster and better response. Dr Cynthia Rosenzweig’s team is heading the climate impacts group at NASA. They’re working on predictingthe duration of a heat wave that might last, rather than just the likelihood of its occurrence.

Others like DrFriederike Otto,an associate professor at Oxford University,are working on refining their models of climate change to make them more accurate.Dr Otto notes that in Europe, the warming is faster than in the models.Many scientists saythey started living climate change instead of just studying it this year.

According to Rebecca Leber, a reporter in Mother Jones’ DC bureau,the history of climate change non-action in the US isn’t a simple story to tell. A couple of years ago, Rebecca asked 4 leading environmentalists about their theories on exactly when climate change became that much polarized. She heard 4 different answers.

Oneof those environmentalists thought Al Gore was to blame for politicizing the issue. The other blamed Big Oil’s misinformation campaign. Even this 30.000-word exploration doesn’t give a solution to the issue:the puzzle has more pieces to be filled. There’s so much work left to be done.


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