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I took a stroll in our area park this 7 days on the most excellent fall working day. Temps were low 60’s, sky was dazzling blue, there was a slight breeze and just the scent of autumn in the air. The trees have been turning for two months now but on this working day, with the breeze, leaves ended up fluttering to the ground all all around me.

Make a simple, rainbow leaf wreath using a wire hanger.

I introduced a bag with me to gather leaves, as a person does on ideal tumble times, and I gathered so numerous that it felt like it weighed a few pounds. I immediately imagined of the perfect idea for my large bag of leaves…. a leaf wreath created with a wire hanger!

Going on a nature walk to collect leaves for a wreath.

I initially noticed this leaf wreath concept a long time ago on my mate Gina’s blog, Willowday. I realized it necessary a ton of leaves considering that they are stacked, and I’m typically a person who only collects what I can maintain, so I have not experienced a chance to convey dwelling a massive leaf haul until now!

Collecting a rainbow of leaves from the ground

How to make a leaf wreath with a wire hanger:

1. Acquire your leaves and arrange them by coloration. I need to have collected a number of hundred leaves at the very least, but truth of the matter be instructed I *even now* didn’t have more than enough. I had to slice my hanger a small shorter. So err on the aspect of far too a lot!

Make a simple, rainbow leaf wreath using a wire hanger.

2. Use needle nose pliers to untwist the top of the wire hanger. Use your very own fingers to bend out the kinks, then to bend it into a circle. To reduce the wire hanger (which you will almost certainly have to do except you obtained countless numbers of leaves!), just bend again and forth a few instances in 1 spot and it will break. You can do this by hand or with the pliers. (You can also use floral wire, like this vine-covered variety, alternatively of a hanger.)

Make a simple, rainbow leaf wreath using a wire hanger.

3. Start out stacking and threading the leaves on to the wire hanger. It’s incredibly easy to do, you can do a bunch at a time.

Make a simple, rainbow leaf wreath using a wire hanger.

4. Thread them upside down till you get midway, then thread them proper facet up.

Make a simple, rainbow leaf wreath using a wire hanger.

6. When you are done threading, use the pliers to bend the conclusion into a tiny loop, then hook it at the leading to protected the ring.

This wreath will start off to dry up pretty swiftly and the hues will fade. If you want the color to very last, check out dipping the leaves in beeswax initial!

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