In the Photographer’s Lens: 7 Types of Photography That Explore the Beauty of This World

They say a picture paints a thousand words. If you think about it, this is true. Photos can tell a story in ways that words often can’t. They say something about people, places, and experiences. Of course, there are several types of photography, each designed to serve a different purpose. Here are seven genres of photography which show you just how beautiful the world and its inhabitants are.

Boudoir photography

What can be more beautiful than the human body? Boudoir photography is intimate and romantic. It captures subjects in suggestive poses mainly for their own enjoyment or that of their partners. Far from being lewd, it tends to focus on vulnerability and sensuality. While many people think a boudoir photo shoot is only for women, men can also get themselves captured in a different light.

Landscape photography

The world around us is captivating. From oceans to forests, mountains and waterfalls, there’s a lot to take in and capture outdoors. Landscape photography can help us to see familiar spots from a new angle or introduce us to places which we never knew about. Even if you’ve never visited the Grand Canyon, you know what it looks like thanks to the many photos people have captured.

Travel photography

Travel photography takes us even further into new destinations. It captures the people and places which give a country or city its energy. Travel photos show us how people in far-flung places live, what they eat and how they celebrate. Think of market scenes from a Caribbean island or photos which capture the vibes of carnival in Brazil.

Wildlife photography

People aren’t the only things of beauty around us. Animals, especially those in the wild, have a way of commanding attention.  Photos from their natural habitats give us insight into how animals hunt, care for their young and migrate. Photos of wildebeest crossing the Maasai Mara in Kenya are among those which fill us with awe.

Architecture photography

Not all beauty occurs in nature. Some of it is manmade, like architecture. Buildings and bridges make for excellent photographs. Architecture photography introduces us to Gothic, Romanesque and futuristic architecture and shows hotels, apartments, and houses in their best light. Have you ever fallen in love with a house after just seeing a photo? That’s the power of architecture photography.

Event photography

Concerts, birthday parties, weddings and corporate gatherings all fall under this heading. They show human connections in varying forms from a singer interacting with their audience to a newly married couple’s first dance. Event photography helps to capture memories of key moments for a lifetime.

Food photography

Food is important for sustenance, but chances are you eat with your eyes first. When you think about all the “food porn” on Instagram and how chefs focus increasingly on presentation, you’ll realize food can be beautiful. From juicy burgers to green matcha lattes and colorful, fruity desserts, food photography captures it all.

Human beings are visual. Photography not only helps us to see just how much the world has to offer, but it encourages us to see beauty in ourselves and our surroundings.