How to Break Putlockers Website


Putlockers Reach in the Entertainment Platform

Putlockers is one of the top trending website to watch latest movies and TV series for free. Though there are many other similar websites that streams movies, Putlockers new site is way much faster than other website in streaming the latest released movies and TV series. Putlockers new website is ranked among the top 250 in the world to stream the entertainment media for watching it for free in high resolution and faster downloads. It is said to have 1.7 million views per day. It earns its revenue from advertisements in the website.

Putlockers is online since 2011 and has been the most frequent visited website for most of the movie and TV show lovers across the globe. it has become the main source of movie TV series downloads for many. Putlockers has many mirror websites too that is run by the same admin. The content in the Putlockers website is however not owned in their original database and is supplied by third party from various database.

Putlockers Legality

Putlockers new site is legal in some countries. It was temporarily closed in the year 2016 by UK high court order and later started to do its streaming videos afterwards. It is still considered illegal in few countries. Putlockers work in countries namely Asia, France, Ireland, New Zealand, Taiwan, Australia, Germany, Italy, Norway, Thailand, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, Poland, United Kingdom, China Hong Kong, Korea, Russia, United States, Denmark, India, Mexico, South Korea, Europe, Netherland and Spain. The view rate is high in the US.

The situation is really annoying when the Putlockers website is suddenly banned at your place. The government poses ban on the website when the topic is on watching pirated movies and its ban in the country. In such crises, people look for alternatives to watch movies in the Putlockers new website.

Alternate Methods to Watch videos in Putlockers

The two methods by which one can see videos in Putlockers website and do free downloads is by Free Proxy websites and VPN services. These two methods unblock the website that is being blocked or banned in your country by the government for pirated reasons.

Virtual Private Network or VPN is the best means to get American IP address. Your original IP address is hidden and you are given a temporary IP address. Express VPN, Cyberghost and NordVPN are popular VPN in the UK. Register with VPN, install the VPN app, find a US server, and you are connected and assigned a US IP address to download the movies from Putlockers website. Proxy method does not hide the original IP address. So it is not safe. So comparatively, VPN service is better and safe over Proxy server method. However, both the methods definitely slow down your connection speed. This makes it difficult to stream movies online and watch.

To overcome this, as an alternate to this, is to use the Putlockers mirror site or the Putlocker Proxy site. These are the duplicate or clone websites of Putlockers maintained and updated by the same staffs. So if the main Putlocker domain is lost or blocked, these mirror sites can be used to perform the same task since the contents are exactly the same.,,,,, are some of the examples for Putlocker mirror websites. The other proxies are mentioned in many websites and can be fetched easily when you do a quick research.

So the Putlocker does an excellent job by providing these alternatives as mirror websites and one need not worry even if the original domain is blocked in the country and worry about looking for alternate means. This is the sole reason for the success of Putlockers new site.