Ghosts, a Short Story by Di Drinkwater

“Ghosts don’t mind you talking about them. They quite enjoy the thrill of hearing someone describe how a noise, a shadow or a spooky occurrence has made them feel quite strange. If they can get someone to shudder and say “someone has walked over my grave” then a ghost gives them self a pat on the back!”

Ghosts is a great story about ghosts in the modern world and how they exist. It explores how they live and how they die.

The main ghost in the story finds he is trapped on earth and needs to discover who is keeping him tied to the earth plane.

The story covers many details of how ghosts exist and stay well and will explain in no uncertain terms why some bus journeys are a bit strange. Ghosts surround us all the time in the everyday world. Most of us just can’t see them.

The ghost in the story finds a living ally to help him track down the reason for his inability to pass over properly. The story explores how tricky a ghosts life is and how they must recharge themselves to keep going, and how happiness is a crime.

Whilst the story doesn’t explain how you can communicate with ghosts it will give you an inkling of what to watch out for. You know the sort of thing, an empty seat on the bus that no-one sits in. It’ll explain how the dank misery of Mondays is often packed full of ghosts, but that they will not be lurking on a happy Friday afternoon when everyone is happy to be on their way home. You’ll never look at public transport again in the same way.

The story has an interesting ending which will hopefully delight you. It’s a short story that you will want to read again to pay more attention to the needs of ghosts.

It’ll make you consider whether your own loved ones are watching over you too. It’ll make you consider why you get shivers in your spine when you go down certain streets and it’ll make you look at every building anew. Do ghosts lurk within? And if you’ve ever caught a black cab back from Manchester to the North of the city did you notice the driver talking to himself? He might well have had a ghostly passenger sat keeping him company as he drives the streets of Harpurhey and Moston.

Di Drinkwater has been writing since secondary school. She’s written many poems and has had some published in collections. This is her first Kindle ebook to be published.

She has written part of a Promenade play that was performed in Failsworth Manchester near where she lives. The drama was created by the writers at the local writers group. Diane has written short stories covering many subjects including other ghost stories and stories about her allotment and the characters she imagines.

Watch out for more stories coming soon.

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