Fragmented Abstract Portraits by Mauricio Sanchez Rengifo

Artist MASARE offers a assortment of deconstructed portraits open up to interpretation by the viewer. See much more of his portfolio by browsing his internet site.


mixed media portrait of Jim Morrison by Mauricio Sanchez Rengifo

“LIGHT MY Fire (Jim Morrison)” epoxy paint and soot on canvas and wood, 93cm x 122cm


I´m Mauricio Sánchez Rengifo, an artist formally identified as MASARE, born in Pereira, Colombia.


mixed media portrait of Kurt Cobain by Mauricio Sanchez Rengifo

“TEEN SPIRIT (Kurt Cobain)” epoxy, enamel paint, plaster and gun powder on canvas and wood, 93cm x 122cm


Professionally, I am an architect. Having said that, my passions include music and visible artwork. My formal schooling and passions merged to permit me to evolve into the artist I am nowadays.


mixed media portrait of Chris Cornell by Mauricio Sanchez Rengifo

“ALIVE IN THE SUPERUNKNOWN (Chris Cornell)” carved on glass, mirror and LED installation, 90cm diameter


I’m continually striving to find methods to enrich and convey my artwork. I am often exploring components, tools, visuals results and audio visuals to incorporate in my is effective.


mixed media portrait of Cliff Burto by Mauricio Sanchez Rengifo

“CLIFF´EM ALL (Cliff Burton)” acrylics, epoxy paint and glass fragments on wood and canvas, 122cm x 138cm


In the past 14 yrs, my visual artwork has been composed with fragmentation and manipulation of designs and varieties. This technical sort amplifies the visual results. I am strongly affected by kinetic and optical movements realized in the course of my architectural instruction and from my love of Pop artwork.


mixed media portrait of Marilyn Monroe by Mauricio Sanchez Rengifo

“MARILYN´S DIAMONDS (Marilyn Monroe)” acrylics, epoxy paint and neon pigments on wood and canvas, 140cm x 140cm


My artwork is based on the recognition of visuals fragmented to the stage where what 1 at first sees is the product of our unconscious mind. Having said that, as soon as the eye procedures the details of the fragmented parts, the viewer has the capacity to experience what is over and above the visual outcomes.


mixed media portrait of Janis Joplin by Mauricio Sanchez Rengifo

“COSMIC PEARL (Janis Joplin)” acrylics, epoxy paint and neon resin on wood and canvas, 93cm x 122cm


I deconstruct the subject’s confront into plots, lines, serial geometrics, textures, reflections and refractions. This forces the viewer to journey into my creative standpoint and eventually meet a recognizable confront that stimulates a personalized memory or emotion.


mixed media portrait of Amy Winehouse by Mauricio Sanchez Rengifo

“REHAB (Amy Winehouse)” epoxy, enamel paint, damaged glass and cloth on canvas and wood, 93cm x 122cm


The method of discovery is the journey I want to create in every of my works.


Artist Mauricio Sanchez Rengifo with his work

Artist MASARE with his function


I want absolutely everyone to encounter my artwork as if anyone was encountering a tune or album that they delight in, likely as a result of ups and downs, traveling as a result of their recollections and thoughts.


mixed media portrait of Layne Staley by Mauricio Sanchez Rengifo

“MAN IN THE BOX (Layne Staley)” epoxy paint on wooden, 217cm x 122cm


I portray the issue to encourage each a mindful and unconscious encounter. This enables a progressive discovery from diverse perspectives, no matter whether in distances or variable gentle ailments, empowering the viewer.


Artist MASARE invites you to stick to him on Instagram.


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