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Volery Gallery, Dubai is web hosting a solo exhibition by French urban artist Thomas Canto this 14th of Oct 2022. The own exhibition Etherealities by Thomas Canto led the artist to settle in the area to create and style and design the artworks offered at the heart of the issue they evoke: The town, in this scenario, Dubai, its views, its reflections, and its incessant enhancement.

Agreeing with the actuality that the challenges lifted by the work of Thomas Canto would have a individual echo in the location. The two protagonists intended the Etherealities established based mostly on a prevalent reflection: The recurring themes in Thomas Canto’s get the job done resonate directly with the metropolis of Dubai and its infinite enlargement. These uninterrupted constructions that stretch towards the sky, produced of metal, glass and cables resources observed in the artist’s will work echo the architectural fragments represented by his functions.

The paintings presented for Etherealities are impressed by current sites that the artist has skilled. The preference to identify them in a comparable way induces the plan of the globalization of modern architecture through the entire world. Their small tones evoke an practically binary and inhuman rhythm. They query the improvement of impersonal architectural ensembles, further than individual criteria.

The exhibition will run right up until 7 November  2022. Plan your visit right here.
For inquiries and to register desire on the Preview Record you should email [email protected].

Scroll down underneath to have a sneak peak on Etherealities exhibition.

Eclipsing Binaries. Polyurethane paint and silver plating on stainless steel 200 x 140 x 9 cm.jpg

Glitched Spectrum. Polyurethane paint and silver plating on stainless metal 110 x 110 x 9 cm.jpg

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