Boobala Darling’s Long Awaited Proposal. Part 3 Of 3 – A Short Story

Captain’s night has finally arrived. Will Boobala finally get her dance with the Captain? Will her dreams come true? Will Irving propose and will she accept his proposal if he does? There’s only one way to find out, by reading this, the final piece of Bobbala’s 3 part cruise story.


Boobala looked enchanting in her diamond earrings and necklace. She was glad she hadn’t put on weight, since she was in the habit of walking after eating. She wore a silk wrap that complimented her sleeveless low-cut black formal evening gown considerately. She was positively relieved, as her underwire bra brought out the fullness of her breasts. She also wore opera-length gloves. Thanks to Myrtle’s encouragement and persistence, she had upgraded her entire wardrobe. She used all the money she saved for years from each paycheck, purchasing a complete make-over and buying flattering clothes just for this cruise. The look worked. Boobala’s eyes lit up when she saw Irving wearing a classic tuxedo tail, which featured a nice vest, pique shirt and tie. He had lost the quad cane too, which made him look quite dashing.

She couldn’t help saying: “Irving, you look incredibly handsome and sophisticated tonight.”

Irving’s face beamed with delight when he saw the gown Boobala was wearing. He couldn’t resist the temptation to say “I love you” as he grabbed her face and kissed her gently on the lips, lingering for a moment. She did not resist. A girly giggle escaped her as he wrapped his arms tightly around her. She inhaled his cologne. It excited her. Irving smiled as he held her close. Boobala was so happy, she felt like she was dancing on air. He whispered in her ear again, ” I love you “, then he kissed her once more and offered her his arm. Then Boobala and her Prince Charming entered the ballroom.

Many guests were not dressed as well as Boobala and Irving. They either were wearing clothes that didn’t fit right, didn’t match, or were not appropriate for the gala event. Nonetheless, the evening was going great for both Boobala and Irving.

Captain Reginald could not believe his eyes when he saw Boobala, she looked stunning. The Captain decided to take the opportunity to make his behavior up to her, for the humiliation he had caused her when she arrived aboard the ship. He gallantly approaches her, extending his hand. While bowing, he asks Boobala to dance with him. At the same moment, the Master of Ceremonies reaches for the microphone by the piano and announces the star of the Night Club Event. “Let’s give a round of applause to our Internationally known star, ZABRINAAAAA… ” Zabrina suddenly appears on stage, her heavily made up eyes contrasted wonderfully against her short straight dark brown hair. She is dressed in a black, slinky, sequin gown with a slit up the side, black opera gloves and a black sequin beret. Clasped between her fingers is a long sleek cigarette holder that she raises to her lips. An Ostrich feathered boa is wrapped around her neck. Then, after a very long puff, she exhales slowly while speaking in a deep foreign voice. “Zank you, zank you all, you vunderful peoples. Such pleasure you geeve me. I feel so loved. Let me make love to you tonight with my music.” She turns to the Captain and blows him a kiss. The Captain’s ears turn red as Zabrina directs all her attention to him throughout the performance. Her body sways with the song in a sensuous manner as she casually brushes her body against Captain Reginald. It was obvious to all present, either this was a part of her act or she was making a play for Captain Reginald.

Meanwhile, Irving, feeling amorous, has his arm around Boobala throughout Zabrina’s entire performance. Boobala tries her best to hide her disappointment. She didn’t get her dance with the captain. She spent money on her dancing lessons in preparation for this cruise. She refused to be a wallflower this time. Irving, sensing her disappointment, finally decides this is his chance to propose, it was now or never. He gets up and bows to Boobala, extending his hand for her to join him in a slow dance. Surprised, since he didn’t have his quad cane, that he would be able to dance, she happily accepts his invitation. She gets up from her seat and places her gloved hand in his. They walk to the center of the ballroom where the other dancers are gathered. Boobala is amazed at how well Irving can dance, as if he were a pro. It felt so good to have him hold her in his arms. She loved having this man’s body so close to hers. She could not believe this was happening, as far as she knew, she and Irving were the only ones dancing to the music. Irving could not wait any longer and decided to propose.

The Proposal

Here’s something for you Boobala,

A nice thick chunk of Halva!

Please say you’ll share it with me,

Together we will have a ball,

and that alone would not be all!

You’d make life so sweet for me

I find you a fascinating woman.

I love the way you smile,

You make me feel like a young man, and

I haven’t felt this way for awhile.

Boobala, tell me what you’re thinking.

Can you let me know what you feel?

I’m a lonely bachelor who needs a wife,

You’re just like my libe mameleh, and

With you I want to share my life.

The first time I laid eyes on you,

When that captain embarrassed you,

It made me so angry at him,

What really I can’t understand

Is why you still think he’s so grand

I watch how your eyes follow him,

To me you are a very special lady,

You make me come alive,

To look at you drives me crazy,

Without you, how can I survive?

Boobala I wish I knew what you are feeling,

I am a lonely rich man who needs a wife

Please say that you will marry me

What I have is all yours if you agree

That you will share my life.

You’ll be a lady of leisure

A woman of the arts if you like,

Living in elegance in good measure,

Trust me when I say,

I will give you pleasure,

And all the comforts you can fathom,

Even love if you can imagine,

Accepting my marriage plea, we’ll have more

Cruises, diamonds and romance.

Please Boobala, say you will marry me.

Boobala starts to think, ‘hmmmmm, not a bad idea, he is pretty good-looking for a sixty year old man. He’s tall and slim and I love that thin mustache. He does smell clean. I love the scent of his cologne, it must be very expensive. He has his original teeth and his breath doesn’t stink. I think he is sexy, oh how I wish he didn’t have to rely on that quad cane. With the right kind of clothes, he would look great. Vat the Hell, I’m not getting any younger. So even if we don’t have sex, but then you never know with Irving, he’s so full of surprises.’

Boobabala, blushing, finally says: “yes, Irving, I’ll marry you.” Irving is overwhelmed with joy. He takes the handkerchief out of his pocket and wipes away the tears. Without any more delay, Irving hugs and kisses Boobala. As they walk back to their table, Irving stops by the Captain’s table and tells him the good news. The Captain is elated that his good friend Irving is finally going to end his bachelorhood and wishes him well. As soon as they get back to New York, Irving and Boobala decide they will get married. Boobala will invite Myrtle, and Irving will invite his stock broker friends, and for their honeymoon they will fly to Paris. They will reside at his Park Avenue Suite in Manhattan. “Nothing but the best for my Boobala, ” Irving says. Just tell me what you want and I will get it for you, my Princess.” Boobala finally felt like a young bride, at the age of 45.

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