Beginners Guide: Essential Tools for a Digital Artist

10 essential tools for digital artist – Must have starter kit for beginners

Making art requires having certain tools at your disposal to make the process easier and productive for you. Lumiablog supports the opinion that no work of art can be done without having at least one essential tool to discharge your services. Thi,s is even more, the case when you are a digital artist. There are certain tools you will need to discharge your services. 

As a beginner, rest assured you will not need to have all the needed items. Just like buying art online, art can be made online too. All that you require, especially at the beginning stage, to enable it are the essential tools that cannot be done without. Here is a list of all the essential software and hardware tools you will need as a beginner. 

  1. A Drawing Tablet: 

The drawing tablet is the number one tool any digital artist must-have. If you are venturing into the field of work, make sure that you include a drawing tablet in your toolbox. For your drawing tablet, it does not have to be the latest product. 

All you will require at the beginning stage is a working drawing tablet. With this, you can kickstart your career in digital drawing without any hassle. 

  1. Software for Drawing: 

There are certain software digital artists make use of for drawing. For starters, you will need to get this software as it will enable you to kickstart your journey in digital drawing. It is a very important tool for digital artists. 

This software is a digital program designed for digital drawing and painting. Aside from Adobe Photoshop, which is the most common for digital drawing and painting, you can use other important and cheaper software while starting as a digital artist.

  1. Digital art Educators: 

Even though you know digital drawing and painting, you will have a lot to benefit from online digital education on digital drawing and painting. Maybe you are also starting as a complete beginner in digital drawing, and digital art educators will help you scale your expertise in this field. Many of them have a step-by-step approach on how to begin your drawing and painting for a beginner. All they require from you is your attention and willingness to practice and learn. 

  1. Online Platform: 

Having an online platform to showcase your work is very important for beginners. For an artist, your work grows and gains more attention when you put it out there. Have an online platform where you exhibit your artworks for others to see. There are so many benefits attached to having this.

  1. Drawing Pens: 

Your drawing pens go in handy with your drawing laptop. They are both a must-have for any digital artist, including beginners. Having a drawing tablet without a drawing pen leaves the work half done as you will find it difficult to create or practice without the complete set. 


There are so many ways to navigate your way when you are an upcoming digital artist. No need to bore yourself with all the tools used for drawing.