An Ethereal Daily Portrait Series by Chiron Duong Captures the Vietnamese Tradition of Ao Dai



June 23, 2022

Gabrielle Lawrence

208. All photos © Chiron Duong, shared with authorization

Softness is typically mistaken for weak point, and simplicity for absence, but Chiron Duong’s 365 Days of Ao Dai collection holds the background of this Vietnamese custom in entire texture.

According to Duong, “Vietnamese Ao Dai is not only a variety of nationwide costume but also has a abundant background, cultural traditions, aesthetic conceptions, nationwide consciousness, and spirit of the Vietnamese men and women.” The garment’s ability to “contain several memories” is most clearly captured by multi-bodied portraits, these kinds of as photos from days 183 and 208 that indicate unfolding tales. There is also a ghost-like vapor resting upon each of these functions that not only captures the grace of the robe but also how it embraces the human body. In each photograph, there is a existence that lingers.

Duong writes, “Through several alterations of culture and periods, the Ao Dai has constantly been a lovely symbol of the nationwide society, the satisfaction of Vietnamese individuals.” In visuals from times 190 and 192, in which the figures are seemingly continue to but their arms and objects flutter, it is unclear no matter if the movement by itself is quick or slow. It is crystal clear, however, that these multi-realm beings capture the discreet and mystery elements of time language. Earthy and ethereal colored portraits evoke feelings of land in this article extended ahead of this instant and long lasting lengthy after it shall portion.

Most of Duong’s portraits are also characterised by mystery. Topics, comparable to individuals in photos 198 and 185, are hidden guiding yet another picture, a cloth, or an object. Viewers are not privileged to her gaze, only visual tips and the marriage of bodies to a person yet another as seen on working day 184. In numerous traditions all through history, to be concealed or veiled is an act of reverence or a indication of terrific elegance. This has verified problematic as a trope when pertaining to ladies and femmes, but Duong’s obscurations arouse a trace of magic in the peek of shade beneath the robe, the outline of distinct facial features, or the sturdy posture of a subject matter gliding as a result of a scene.

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