All That You Need To Know About Business Video Production

Corporate video production is a pretty big subject, but let’s keep it brief. By the end of the article, you’ll know everything you need to know about business video production. Here are some best tips and resources to help your business get corporate video production up and running in no time.

What is a Corporate Video?

A corporate video is an umbrella to define all video communications used for internal and external corporate messaging. One way to differentiate corporate video from traditional video advertising is through the use of target audiences. Corporate videos often aim at a specific audience rather than the general public.

What Does a Corporate Videographer Do?

Corporate videographers pursue many video document-related tasks for many goals related to their employer’s business operations. These professionals often do video work in both internal and customer-facing elements of the company. The specific role of a corporate videographer will vary depending on each company’s needs, but the professional is typically the go-to person for capturing video that benefits employers.

Importance of corporate video for a business 

  • Expand your company’s reach

A professionally produced corporate video can “highlight” your brand identity to a large audience. By uploading business video production of your products and services to the web and social media, you can get various corporate video solutions designed to engage your customers and clients.

  • Increase brand awareness

Corporate showreels and videos are a great way to promote your company. Videos show your audience exactly what your brand is. Many small businesses want to expand their customer base.

  • Builds trust 

Why is business video production successful in increasing conversion rates? The main reason is the trust factor as a business. Not only that, but we are confident in the idea that your product is a worthwhile and profitable purchase.

  • Unforgettable videos

When done correctly and professionally, both video production and video editing result in a finished product that customers will remember and leave an impression on your audience/client. It is, of course, a top priority, as clients can’t come to you if they don’t remember you at all.

  • For Mobile Users

The majority of internet traffic comes from users of smartphones or tablet devices. The number of business video production watched on mobile devices is also increasing every year. Corporate video production can accommodate this large number of potential clients.

  • Short and Fun

Corporate video makers don’t have time to watch commercial videos today, so they make short and fun videos. You must have seen ads on YouTube. These videos are short, engaging, and combined with messages to promote your brand and services.

  • Increase Sales Margins

Today’s consumers look for videos before making a purchase or service decision. For businesses, this means that video production has a better chance of garnering the attention of not just your target audience but the larger market.

Types of business video production

  • Origin Story

It highlights the story of how the company was formed. It may include information about the company’s founding members, motivations for starting the company, early successes, and challenges faced.

  • Producing Testimonial Videos

Live Action Customer testimonial business video production builds consumer confidence and highlights a company’s personality. A company profile video allows users to go behind the scenes, talk about the history of the company, and highlight the unique personality of your brand.

  • Corporate/Branding Films

A corporate branding film can convey a company’s ideology and create emotional value in the consumer’s mind. As a professionally produced film, a branding video should be the foundation of your image, as it plays a crucial role in explaining your message and values ​​while establishing your company’s identity.

  • Instructional Videos

Instructional videos are educational business video production that teaches viewers how to solve problems. This issue may be related to the use of the product, or it may be a more serious issue. But by the end of the video, the viewer should know to act on the new skills they learned while watching.

  • Internal Training Video

Everyone can aid each other from time to time, especially new members of the team who are overwhelmed with information. Save time and stress (both yourself and your new teammates) by using videos to walk new hires through the detailed processes of how your product and business work.

  • Animation Video

With bright colours and crisp graphics, animation can break down new ideas and services to make them easier for your audience to understand. Animation video is accessible, works well on small screens, and helps break through the cluttered content landscape.

  • Promotional Video 

Use a branded video to show why your product stands out or why you have a special offer/offer. It is a great way to improve SEO (search engine optimization) for your videos.

  • Trade Show Videos 

These are videos to use in trade show booths or to collect customer interviews for later marketing purposes. This can be done with “open” and closed captioning so that viewers can read the news in a noisy convention centre.

  • Recruitment Video

It is a great way to attract potential applicants. The point here is to document the company culture. It gives candidates insight and information about how the company works and how it interacts.

How much does a corporate video cost?

Professional-looking business video production for your brand doesn’t have to be a hassle. However, there are many costs associated with corporate video shoot plans and video production costs. Well, the image-video price is flexible. It ranges from $900 to over $30,000. Of course, this depends on many factors, such as the type of video, budget, length of the video, etc.

Planning a Corporate Video

  • Determine Marketing Strategy and
  • Focus on Emotional Stories for Consumers
  • Tell Your Story
  • Determine Key Messages
  • Create a Video Strategy
  • Promote Your Video
  • Consider Publishing and Distribution Methods

Wrapping up

These are the different steps involved in the business video production process. Without the proper process, video production can seem daunting or even cost more than necessary. Please note that there may be things you need to understand before using the finished video. 

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