All About Lear and Cordelia by Ford Madox Brown

Title of Artwork: “Lear and Cordelia”

Artwork by Ford Madox Brown

12 months Produced 1848

Summary of Lear and Cordelia

The 1st of a few paintings by Brown depicting scenes from Shakespeare’s engage in King Lear. Drawings built in Paris throughout the winter of 1843-1844 are the inspiration for all three paintings. William Charles Macready (1793-1873) appeared in a exhibit on Might 2, 1848, and in November same calendar year Brown started working on this portray.

All About Lear and Cordelia

An graphic of Act IV, Scene VII from the play is depicted in the painting Most of Brown’s figures ended up primarily based on designs, even though the head of Lear was modelled following “a cast of Dante’s and a drawing of Coulton”.

His favorite product, Maitland, painted the troops on the correct, while Dante Gabriel Rossetti, a new college student and good friend, drew the idiot, who fixes Lear with a malevolent gaze.

He dependent the head of Cordelia on his shortly-to-be spouse, Emma, but utilized a specialist product for the hands, Mrs Ashley.

By dressing his figures in 6th-century apparel, Brown tried to seize the period’s ‘paganism was common and deeds ended up at their darkest’ as described in his 1865 catalogue. The Bayeux Tapestry is featured prominently behind King Lear’s head.

When the painting was initial offered in 1849 at the Cost-free Exhibition in London, it was nicely-been given, but no a person desired to buy it. He retained operating on it until eventually 1854 when it was bought by the architect John Seddon for 15 guineas.

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