Alex Russell Flint’s “Solitaire.” Opening tonight…

Opening tonight – Thursday, April 21st, 2022 at Arcadia Contemporary in New York City is artist Alex Russell Flint’s fantastic solo exhibition, “Solitaire.”

Alex Russell Flint is a British artist specializing in superbly crafted, however distinctly unsettling, representational will work.

Russell Flint’s timeless visuals of robust, alluring females, placed in intriguing predicaments or simply posed portraits strike a satisfying stability concerning classical portraiture and up to date cinema. And when his subjects might be enjoyable to glimpse at, they are frequently located in circumstances that, most decidedly, are not. It is also extremely crucial to be conscious that these damsels are not “victims,” but alternatively “instigators” in regardless of what cinematic scenarios Russel Flint puts them in.

Russell Flint is the terrific-grandson of the Scottish artist and illustrator, Sir William Russell Flint and has participated in many solo, joint, and group exhibitions in London, Ireland, and the United States. In addition, the painter has been given a great number of commissions such as various for British Royalty and his artwork has been utilised for the entrance include of creator Donna Tartt’s ‘Secret Historical past.’ His French household and studio has also been showcased in different inside style and design publications which includes Condé Nast’s ‘World of Interiors’ and Annie Sloan’s ‘Recipes for Fashion and Color’.


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