5 Things to Look for In an Event’s Photographer

If you have an important event coming up, be it a graduation, wedding, family reunion, or anything else noteworthy that should be commemorated, it falls to you to locate a professional photographer who can get you some shots that you’ll be able to cherish for years to come. There are certain traits that you should see in the photographer that you choose, so let’s examine some of those right now.


You need to be sure that your photographer will show up on time for the event that you need to be documented, so try to get an impression of their dependability before the day that it takes place. It’s helpful if you use them for a less critical event beforehand to get an idea of whether you can rely on them or not. It’s also useful to go online and look at some reviews that people have left. Online feedback from former customers should reveal a great deal.

Skill Set

You’ll also need to have a look at their skill set. For those in need of a wedding photographer Brighton offers many picturesque locations that would be suitable for the event itself or the reception afterwards. However, you’ll want to be sure that your photographer has the skills and the equipment to adequately capture the moments whether you decide on an indoor or an outdoor setting. They should be able to get shots featuring the interplay of light and shadow whether you are in a church at midday or outside in a field in the early evening.


Your photographer is there to take pictures, not mingle with the guests. As such, you’re looking for someone who can stick to the task at hand. They’re not there to make friends, eat up your finger foods, or to make any toasts. You might be partying with friends and loved ones, but your photographer should not be.

Good People Skills

Though they are there to take candid pictures, it will be necessary for your photographer to have a certain degree of interaction with their subjects. That means that the one you select should have some excellent people skills. They shouldn’t be demanding or pushy, but they should be able to gently suggest some shots here and there without being too obtrusive about it.


Finally, the photographer you choose should be passionate about their work. Yes, it is a job, but their enthusiasm should be evident. If their body language, facial expressions, and vocalizations send the clear message that they’d rather be doing anything but capturing your event, then they’re not for you. You don’t have to be the best of friends or develop a special rapport with your photographer, but you should at least get the impression that they like their job.

Since there are so many professional photographers out there, you should have several likely candidates to whom you can reach out. Be sure to look at prior examples of their work to try and get some idea if they have the skills for which you’re seeking. Special events in your life happen only once. You’ll be upset if you choose a photographer who does a poor job of documenting yours.