Group Exhibition
125 New Bond St, London W1S 1DY
1st April – 2nd April 2022
Push Watch: Thursday 31st March 9am – 12pm

4BYSIX C.I.C. announce their future exhibition Break IN Unexpected emergency 3, a team exhibition showcasing 26 internationally renowned urban and contemporary artists, to enable homeless and underprivileged people throughout London.

4BYSIX: Break IN Emergency 1 – Credit rating Ryan Dalton

The exhibiting artists have designed new functions on bus panels from decommissioned London buses, equipped by 4BYSIX. The artists had been provided the innovative liberty to reply to the panels in their very own special way. Revenue from the exhibition will be donated to 4BYSIX FC, 4BYSIX handouts, donating crucial objects these kinds of as sleeping baggage, knitted hats and outfits, and 4BYSIX Pizza Kitchens in London.

4BYSIX: Crack IN Crisis 3

The founders of 4BYSIX individually salvage bus panels from London “bus graveyards”, and upcycle them to become canvases for visible artists, and distribute the panels to artists all above the globe.

Exhibiting artists include Ana Aleksov, André Saraiva, Anthony Lister, Chen Wei Ting, David Kaye, Dot Pigeon, Eva Beresin, Freddie Peacock, Geoff Walker, George Vicary, Gideon Rubin, Isaac Andrews, Johan Van Mullem, Jon Burgerman, Jonathan Edelhuber, Keeenue, Lil Kool, Mike IRAK, Nantoka, Richie Culver, Sara Berman, Slawn, Wayne Horse, Willem Hoeffnagel, Yu Nagaba, and Zhu Chen-Wei.

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