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Being a marketing consultant isn’t as easy as it might sound, especially because you chose to do everything by yourself rather than working for a company with a team of experts around you. Therefore, every marketing consultant automatically takes all the responsibility for himself. Every research, every project, every little task rests with an individuals’ qualities, knowledge, experience and creativity than any other employee of the Marketing company.

Corporate or Individual work

marketing-consultant-teamMost of my classmates at the college are in the corporate business, working for the big title companies with stable positions and regular monthly payments, and for some, that is a dream come true. I, on the other hand, am not a team player and I couldn’t say it is because I’m weird or I like to work a lot. It is simply because I am confident in my abilities and knowledge and I don’t want to let others do my job.  Each project is unique and it completely in my hands from the beginning, the first research of current audiences, the first strategies to the final advertisement.


It wasn’t always like that, and I wasn’t always an independent marketing consultant working on his own. I, like the most of my colleagues, started at the Marketing company which is the origin of my experience. Of course, you cannot just finish the school and start doing the consulting for a living, or you could, but you surely wouldn’t be a successful and professional consultant. The experience is what counts when we’re talking about the expertise of any professional, not only marketing experts.


The main difference, the one that drove me to become an independent consultant, is the variety of projects you can work on and the people you can meet, connections you can make. I collaborated with various businesspersons, from the largest corporate business to the small village entrepreneurs and their services. The experience I acquired during my time incorporation and my independent business is crucial when it comes to the quality of my work.

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