Everything you should ask before you hire a marketing consultant

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Finding a professional marketing consultant for hiring can be hard sometimes, at times almost impossible. There are so many people who became ‘experts’ in this area of business over the night, the only way to learn the difference is to ask some questions and demand answers. The questions should be requested directly and understandably.


How to hire the right marketing consultant?

The job of a marketing consultant is to be the eyes, ears, and hands of your company or business. If your business isn’t developing and new clients aren’t coming than the consultant isn’t doing his job, but it’s already too late. Before you spend your money on an unprofessional, you should research a little about the consultant and his previous projects. Here are some questions you could ask:

social-networks-pagesAre your personal social networks and websites successful?

Each marketing consultant has its own website that he uses to attract his clients, just like I do as well as personal social networks pages. The success of these will speak for itself if the consultant is successful at his job then you will be in your business as well. Check Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn as three of the most important social networks, for the consultants business page, and you will get your answer.

Do you know understand my market?

Every professional consultant will put in some effort to research your market, to familiarize with the supply and demand and so on. The understanding of the market can be the result of previous projects and experience in the particular area of business.

Can you tell me the names of your previous clients?

If the answer to this question is yes, and the names are forwarded to you, the marketing consultant is probably the right one. Research the list of names, see if there’s someone familiar, check for their projects and you will see for yourself. The so-called marketing consultants who won’t give you this information probably won’t be the right one for you. If they cannot provide the information of the previous project from your area of business at least, they probably aren’t successful, or they didn’t have enough clients.

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