What happens if you cannot pay a personal loan?

When hiring a personal loan, as a general rule, you are sure that you can face the debt month by month. But sometimes, unexpected situations are experienced such as a dismissal or perhaps the illness of a family member, which makes it impossible to meet the budgets that were planned.

When this happens it is not necessary that I live startled, avoiding picking up the phone for fear of recoveries or ‘like the ostrich’, with the head buried to try to escape from the problems.

What does it mean to be a loan holder?

There are solutions in case you cannot pay a debt but it is important to know, before hiring a personal loan, what it means to be the owner of one.

To begin with, we must know that the loans have a personal guarantee, that is, when we take out a loan, we offer as collateral all present and future assets. That is why, faced with a prolonged non-payment situation, a judge, at the request of the financial or credit institution, can give a ruling that our assets be seized.

In addition, if someone has endorsed the loan, the person who has done so will also have to take over the debt, since the guarantor accepts in solidarity to take over the repayment of the loan, so if we can no longer pay the installments and we do not have sizeable assets or these are insufficient, the guarantor has the obligation to pay the debt and if necessary it can also be ruled that they seize his assets.

You are already delinquent

On the other hand, when a debt is not paid, it is registered in a file of defaulters, very consulted by financial and credit institutions when granting a loan, which will practically make it impossible to access a financing in the future. To stop appearing in the file of defaulters will be first to cancel the debt and ask the entity to make us a certificate as we have paid, and then send it to the file of defaulters in which we were discharged to be erased.

Another important fact to know is that from the first installment that the entity is not paid, it will charge interest for late payment, normally much higher than ordinary interest, as well as charging a commission for claiming payments or unpaid installments. Both interests accumulate to the original debt which will cause that in the long term more money has to be paid.

These are priority expenses

So, we see how the non-payment of a loan can lead to serious problems, so it is important that in the planning of monthly expenses, the payment of debts is a priority to other expenses. In the face of an economic problem, we should never think about the non-payment of a debt as a solution, since in the future it will bring us not only major economic problems but also severe headaches.

And if for any reason we cannot pay the …

Easy decorating a loft

Who could refuse to calm and relax in a loft? Loft is a room with many possibilities that is often untapped. The old house owners knew this room’s importance and created storage spaces for all needs. Today in the apartments there is no luxury. For those who have this unique room, it is a great idea to make it vital and fashionable.

Traditional in a rustic aesthetic or fashionable, you can easily and quickly transform the loft using luminaries and upholstery carpets in order to make is as the right room for resting and tranquility. You can transform a simple loft into a scandinavian design style space. Check a webstore NordenLiving.com.

The first thing you need to do is to get rid of all the old stuff you used to store in the loft for a lot of time. Paint the area with colors that calm you down and give you peace and start it will sure going to look so much different from before. Take a paper and capture its dimensions and dare to decorate it with the things your grandmother and mom have hidden with love all these years. Keep your souvenirs and start transforming.

Most of the times, the wood is well-hidden in a loft. Do not be afraid of it. Restore all the damages and pass it with an oil to show its beauty. It sure needs a lot of work in order to be done but its beauty is unique.

 If you prefer fast changes you should not consider of painting the loft. The only thing you should do is rubbing your favorite white color, so it will give you the choice for an easier decoration and in a few hours your will be ready for decoration.

 A loft can be transformed into a beautiful playground for your children. If you have children who are older at the age of 10, a loft can be turned into a game room or a place of isolation without the stress of arranging. A loft filled with toys and storage boxes with toys for children is a perfect place for parents who want to spend creative time with their children. A cozy kid’s corner, ideal for all the family.

 A loft can also be transformed into a bedroom full of luxury and refinement. Precision park and fireplace are making the place look magnificent. You should paint it in mild shades and make it as your own shelter when you and your love of your life want to get away from everybody. You should put cushions and carpets, if possible, in order to make the loft look warm and comfortable.

 A modern loft is like a dream for teenagers all around the world who want their personal space to gather with their friends and talk about their problems and worries. A wallpaper gives the loft a unique decoration and makes it a separate and space for the teenagers away from the rest of the house.

 A loft can …

Picking the Best for Your Home

Having a good eye is very important when it comes to decorating your apartment. Sculptures are used to personalise ones space. They not only brighten your home but also show creativity, harmony and a sense of power. Thank to wulffwinding, you can easily identify a sculpture that will blend well with your wall. Some of the best wall sculptures are discussed as follows:

1.       Move

One of the best wall sculptures in wulffwinding is Move. It appears in a more feminine shape compared to others. Move looks better if placed independently. It is one of the biggest sculptures that designers here make.

Its curvy and elegant shape is what first captivates the eye. Its soft shapes bring out elegance and class. Move measures 80 cm in length and 42 cm in width. Its prices range differently depending on the material. There are different types of move. These include:

  1. The oiled oak nature or cone DKK 1.850,00,
  2. Dark- grey patinited zinc DKK 3.495,00
  3. Dark steel DKK 3.825,00
  4. Brushed brass DKK 3.695,00
  5. Light browned brass DKK 4.350,00
  6. Polished dark browned brass DKK4.850,00
  7. Oxidised brass DKK 4.495,00.

2.      Clout

A house needs to feel both masculine and feminine. Presenting this through your sculptures bring out a sense of admiration among many. This makes clout one of the best wall sculptures to use at your apartment. Clout comes in all colours and materials.

Clout is also known to be one of the biggest sculptures at wulffwinding measuring 77.6 cm in length and 42. 5 cm in width. It also comes in different materials including patinated zinc, dark steel and brass. Picking a good material for your clout would make the wall of your house look glamorous.

I t expresses not only power but also strength.  Placed alone on a corner of a wall makes it stand out perfectly. It brings out a good contrast to other feminine sculptures. Therefore, use clout on your wall to achieve this effect. Its unique patterns bring out beautiful effects on your wall.

3.      The eye

This comes from a combination of Xox, Yin and Zeppelin. Placing different shapes of these three together, is what makes one create the eye. This design shows that one paid lots of attention on the sculptures as it is very appealing.

You can mix different materials in order to create the eye. For instance, brushed brass and dark grey patinated zinc would be an appropriate combination.

You also need to choose shapes individually for your cart as each shape appears differently. Tilt your sculptures looking at them from different angles while mounting them some few distances from the wall so as to achieve the effects of light and shadows.

The eye is one of the best wall sculptures because of its uniqueness and innovativeness. It would look better if placed on wall of the dining area that is open to all. This design would leave your guests talking all the way.

Mixing different colours too like brown and light yellow and one purple …

These are the Most Important Decorative Errors You Do

Before we start decorating a house, we have many ideas in mind and we think it’s easy and it will become fantastic! But when the time of research and markets comes, the big question marks and the division of what’s best suited, what’s right and wrong is going on. So let’s see which the most common mistakes that we make are and how to avoid them.


As you buy your furniture, think about the total size of the rooms and how the furniture you buy will match. Pay attention to the basic furniture for your living room and emphasize its size. The rest of the furniture should be complementary. For example, the coffee table should be slightly smaller than the sofa but not too much.An easy way to figure out the right dimension of the coffee table is: At most of the times, it reaches where the sofa arm starts, and at least the middle of the two end positions of the sofa.

If there are armchairs and are away, then a small table needs to be stitched. Remember that in the living room it is good to have the furniture close to each other to facilitate people’s communication and to make the space more focused. The ideal distance between the sofa and the coffee table is 40 cm

If you there is enough space, do not stick the couch on the wall.  Dare to loosen the sofa from the wall, create a path or just put a small table between the sofa and the wall. You can place photos and one or two lamps. So, you will lighten the spot locally and you will have a place to leave your items.

If your space is small, choose furniture with thin feet to create a gap between them and the floor. In this way the space seems less small.

Avoid placing the same chair on the table as you can in the head of your dining room. Choose an armchair, or other chair design different from all the others.

Be creative

If you make a decoration without risking, the result will be safe, but at the same time boring. Give your own characteristic touch, avoiding going with the flow.

Anyway mix ‘n’ match is fashion

Put an object you love and means something to you, even if it does not match with the rest of the set. A linear lamp, an armchair, a mirror or the grandmother’s dining room table combined with modern items.

Do not keep things you do not want because a loved one donated it to you. Change them directly or donate them to someone they will like. The house should thank you for every detail.

Do not hurry to finish the decoration, because you will not be able to create something special. Start with the basic furniture and slowly continue the decoration. While going for a trip you can find a nice table, or a beautiful jar. This is an object with memories that …