Why hire a marketing consultant?

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It might be a little weird to read this article from someone who, in fact, is a professional marketing consultant, but I promise I would be as objective as possible. I will give you a few simple bits of advice about the marketing business in general and the importance of marketing consultants as professionals. After you read my advice and warnings you can just forget it and go with your way, I for once, think your opinion will change.

Be realistic

marketing-consultant-2A lot of my personal clients often come to me asking for help and bringing their unrealistic goals at my doorstep, and I can’t say this annoys me, but it is really better if you know what you want and what you can have at the beginning of every business decision. A marketing consultant cannot improve your own service or product. Even if the advertisement is flawless, the quality of your services and products will have the decisive influence on the outcome. However, professional consultant probably won’t accept your project if they think they cannot help you. The evaluation is in our job description.


The strategy is the most important part of our job. You cannot just jump into this business and promote your service/product without any research of the platform for advertising, targeted audience, improvement of the goods/services and else. If you think you could do everything mentioned above, then you probably won’t need a marketing consultant, in case you don’t hire a professional to do the work for you.

prioritiesDetermine priorities

Each businessperson has a lot of objectives on his/hers mind. A one-year plan, five-years plan or even ten years one, some of them, however, demand to see the results in few days span. The job of a marketing consultant is to help you determine the most important ones; those are often the ones that will lead to the improvement of your overall business success.

Everything that was mentioned above is, in fact, a part of marketing consultant’s job. However, there is one thing that popular. A marketing consultant will often help you keep your head in the game, he/she will tell you which business achievements are likely from those that aren’t, this can sometimes be a crucial role of a consultant.

Social Media Marketing – Tips and Tricks

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social-media-magnifying-glassMarketing consultants are getting more and more burdened with the constant technology developments. First, computers and websites which completely changed the definition of marketing, then the development of social networks and other advertising channels. The constant struggle and change in Marketing and Advertisement world make consultant’s jobs a lot harder, which is why we have to learn continuously. Social Media Marketing is the latest trend and also the most complicated thing to perform in the Marketing and Advertisement business nowadays.

Social Media Marketing Tips

Almost every individual today has at least one social network page; the same goes for the businesspersons, companies, and corporations, as well as entrepreneurs. Therefore, social media marketing became a really suitable place for advertising products and services on a daily base. The audience is enormous, and you can even choose the groups you want to target according to their qualities such as work situation, age, etc.

Twitter Research

When you open a Twitter page, you need to make sure to create engaging and compelling content, so-called tweets. After you’ve been a Twitter user for a while, you will probably get listed on the Twitter public lists according to your interests – list of bloggers, a list of marketing consultants, etc. On these lists you can find a lot of influential and exciting businesspersons to follow, hoping they will follow you too, building the targeted audience for your own page.


Adding new content

Once you open a new social network account for your business, you need to pay attention to the content of your posts. Make sure your content is interesting and engaging, and keep it coming. You should never take a break from posting the content on your page, or you might get boring to your followers. However, content has to be new and original to keep them interested. Relevant, interesting and useful content is what will keep your followers in line. Even though you can do this on your own, no one said writing it would be easy or attractive, and that is why there are marketing consultants to do this job for you.

Everything you should ask before you hire a marketing consultant

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Finding a professional marketing consultant for hiring can be hard sometimes, at times almost impossible. There are so many people who became ‘experts’ in this area of business over the night, the only way to learn the difference is to ask some questions and demand answers. The questions should be requested directly and understandably.


How to hire the right marketing consultant?

The job of a marketing consultant is to be the eyes, ears, and hands of your company or business. If your business isn’t developing and new clients aren’t coming than the consultant isn’t doing his job, but it’s already too late. Before you spend your money on an unprofessional, you should research a little about the consultant and his previous projects. Here are some questions you could ask:

social-networks-pagesAre your personal social networks and websites successful?

Each marketing consultant has its own website that he uses to attract his clients, just like I do as well as personal social networks pages. The success of these will speak for itself if the consultant is successful at his job then you will be in your business as well. Check Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn as three of the most important social networks, for the consultants business page, and you will get your answer.

Do you know understand my market?

Every professional consultant will put in some effort to research your market, to familiarize with the supply and demand and so on. The understanding of the market can be the result of previous projects and experience in the particular area of business.

Can you tell me the names of your previous clients?

If the answer to this question is yes, and the names are forwarded to you, the marketing consultant is probably the right one. Research the list of names, see if there’s someone familiar, check for their projects and you will see for yourself. The so-called marketing consultants who won’t give you this information probably won’t be the right one for you. If they cannot provide the information of the previous project from your area of business at least, they probably aren’t successful, or they didn’t have enough clients.

Everything a marketing consultant should have

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Being a marketing consultant isn’t as easy as it might sound, especially because you chose to do everything by yourself rather than working for a company with a team of experts around you. Therefore, every marketing consultant automatically takes all the responsibility for himself. Every research, every project, every little task rests with an individuals’ qualities, knowledge, experience and creativity than any other employee of the Marketing company.

Corporate or Individual work

marketing-consultant-teamMost of my classmates at the college are in the corporate business, working for the big title companies with stable positions and regular monthly payments, and for some, that is a dream come true. I, on the other hand, am not a team player and I couldn’t say it is because I’m weird or I like to work a lot. It is simply because I am confident in my abilities and knowledge and I don’t want to let others do my job.  Each project is unique and it completely in my hands from the beginning, the first research of current audiences, the first strategies to the final advertisement.


It wasn’t always like that, and I wasn’t always an independent marketing consultant working on his own. I, like the most of my colleagues, started at the Marketing company which is the origin of my experience. Of course, you cannot just finish the school and start doing the consulting for a living, or you could, but you surely wouldn’t be a successful and professional consultant. The experience is what counts when we’re talking about the expertise of any professional, not only marketing experts.


The main difference, the one that drove me to become an independent consultant, is the variety of projects you can work on and the people you can meet, connections you can make. I collaborated with various businesspersons, from the largest corporate business to the small village entrepreneurs and their services. The experience I acquired during my time incorporation and my independent business is crucial when it comes to the quality of my work.

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